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menelek 1Menelek Shah is an Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach and police officer. As a troubled youth Menelek placed himself in many unfortunate and risky situations that now serve as lifelong lessons. By the age of 17 Menelek was seeking positive change in his life as the saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher always appears”.

After changing his social environment, creating a vision for his life Menelek developed the skills to effect positive change with young men and women and adults seeking vision and greater attainment for themselves.



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The Refined Image Company

It is the mission of Menelek Shah and The Refined Image Company to: Arm each man and woman with the tools to achieve his or her life long mission, in the face of self doubt, mental /spiritual poverty and monetary lack. Our methods and tactics are based on ageless wisdom and time proven principles that are rarely utilized, but strategically necessary and key ingredients to success and fulfillment.

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