Changing Boys Into Men

Personal & Professional Development:

The transition from teenager into adulthood is a challenging experience for all young men but it is particularly challenging for young men who are/were at-risk youths. In this program we’re not talking about the hardships that young men face, we’re discussing how you can equipped yourself with the tools to deliver exceptional performance today and in the future.


  • Learn the power of mob psychology
  • Identify the path that creates adult aged boys
  • The purpose and proper application of the DIAMOND PROCESS
  • Learn the action steps that  take you from adolescents, to male hood, to manhood

The Refined Image Company

It is the mission of Menelek Shah and The Refined Image Company to: Arm each man and woman with the tools to achieve his or her life long mission, in the face of self doubt, mental /spiritual poverty and monetary lack. Our methods and tactics are based on ageless wisdom and time proven principles that are rarely utilized, but strategically necessary and key ingredients to success and fulfillment.

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