Original Gangstas: The Untold Story of West Coast Hiphop (NWA, Tupac Etc)

Ben did extensive investigative reporting & interviews with the principal players of the west coast hiphop scene and dozens of never-before-told stories. Original Gangstas is groundbreaking for popular music and the hiphop scene. About our Guest: Ben Westhoff is the Author of the New Book on the birth and rise of west coast hiphop"Original Gangstas: The Untold Sto...

A Life Worth Living w/ Andre Joachim (From Malehood 2 Manhood)

Andre Joachim
From prison to currently being a first year Doctoral Student at Northern Illinois University. Andre does not make any excuse for his life, But he is not shy about the corrections he was willing to make to be where he is today! In this episode we will discuss: Do you want to live your best life? Do you want to manifest the best version of yourself? ...

Understanding The Assault on The Black Man, Black Manhood & Black Masculinity

Dr. Wesley Muhammad is an Author, Historian, & Aide to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.
To Understand a Thing You Must Understand Its Origins, You Must Understand How and Why a Thing Came To Be In this episode we will discuss: The Origin of Weed Culture in The Black Community & How Drugs Were Used To Destroy The Hood Cointelpro How Guns Got Into The Hood Why Black Manhood/Masculinity is a Threat in America About our Guest: Dr. Wesl...

……This Far By Faith

Dr. Ruben West is The Founder of "The Success Immune System"
"The Power To Call on Things That Be Not As Though They Were" takes consistent use of a Powerful Substance Known As Faith! Do You Have It? Can You See What? Are You Using Your God Given Power To Manifest It? In this episode we will discuss: What is Faith? How To Develop Faith? The Process of Transmuting Faith into Substance How To Develop Mindsight When...

The Injustice of Justice

Chief Donald Grady II
In this episode we will discuss: The Concept of Policing in America The Correct Role Police Should Serve in a Democratic Society Police Department Policies, Hiring & Training The Concept of Integrated Policing About our Guest: Chief Donald Grady II, has served as a Police Chief in various police department for over 37 years. He has also served in s...

The Journey To Get The Love You Desire Begins With You w/ Minister Willie Muhammad

In this episode we will discuss: Being Honest With Yourself What We Fail To Do Why History Repeats itself For Those Who Do Not Learn Its Lessons BAGGAGE About our Guest: Minister Willie Muhammad is the Author of The Best Selling Book: "The Journey To Get The Love You Desire Begins With You". Minister Muhammad is the New Orleans Representative of The Honora...

Visions of Manhood: Iron Sharpens Iron Steel Sharpens Steel

In this episode we will speak with Derrick Smith, Louis Shaw, Jerry Wright, & Lenard McCall. Four Men who created a program in the early 1990s that helped hundreds (thousands) of young men reach adulthood/manhood with the right guidance, knowledge and outlook on life, their community and their fellow man. In this episode we will discuss: Sprituality Being The ...

Wealthy vs Poor Habits w/ Tom Corley

Two Out of Every 5 Minutes of Our Day We Operate on Autopilot Also Known as HABITS. Are Your Daily Habits Bringing You Success or Keeping You Stagnant? In this episode we will discuss: The Unique Types of Luck Rich and Poor Habits Create What Wealthy People Do To Reach 100% of Their Goals How Volunteering can make you wealthy WHY HAVING THIS ONE BAD HABIT W...